Walk Tracker, My Digital Coach

July 10, 2014 | Posted by Elyse Tirrell

As a New Yorker, my main form of transportation is often my own two feet! Health and fitness are important to me, so I love that I live in a city where getting around is also a way to help me stay fit. There's a great mobile app that I use regularly to keep track of all my city walking and my workouts too.

The Walk Tracker app is something I use all of the time to monitor how much I’m actually walking as I go about my day. It can also be used to track your progress, route, calories burned, etc. when running or biking as well. You can set goals and Walk Tracker will help you to achieve them. If you have your headphones in and Walk Tracker on, you'll even get occasional verbal updates on how well your doing as you go. It’s your very own virtual coach! Watch my video to hear more about this awesome app.