A Clean Start

December 31, 2014 | Posted by The B-Team

January is Clean Eating month on BobbyFlay.com. So...what does that mean?

The term seems to be everywhere these days, with entire magazines, blogs and websites dedicated to this "new" way of life (which is actually an old way of life...). The definition of "clean eating" varies, but we take it to mean consuming whole foods -- that is to say, food that is natural unprocessed -- prepared in a balanced, healthful way. It is not a diet but rather a lifestyle approach to food and its preparation. We're talking lots of vegetables, fruits and grains, some sustainably sourced or raised seafood and meat, and a light hand when it comes to added sugar, fat and salt. Sounds easy enough…but in this day of long work hours and endless fast-food choices, it actually takes a good deal of thought and preparation to make clean eating a consistent part of your life.

The B-Team thinks it's worth the time and effort, so all month long we'll explore the many different ways to eat and cook cleaner and live a healthier life. We will share a variety of recipes with you -- vegetable-packed omelets, breakfast smoothies, sweet and savory bowls of goodness, and even cookies (yep, cookies) wholesome enough to eat for breakfast. We won't be following any strict rules; rather, we'll be highlighting things that are healthful, nutritious and creative -- some easy, some a bit more involved, and all that will make you feel good about what you are putting in your body.

Speaking of our bodies, Stephanie and Elyse will continue to seek out the best exercise classes in NYC and step outside their comfort zone with ballet-inspired workouts, trapeze lessons, and maybe even a hip hop class or two. We will also work our minds as we go back to school to learn about new cuisines and new ways to approach savory and sweet food through vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free preparations.

We on The B-Team believe that change is good, and imperative to a healthy lifestyle. In that spirit, we're looking forward to all the new possibilities that 2015 holds. Happy New Year!