Brothy Seafood Goodness

January 22, 2015 | Posted by The B-Team

With bone broths in the spotlight, temperatures hovering in the teens and the B-Team focusing on clean eating for the month of January, I decided to get brothy. Few things are better than a warm soup on a cold night -- and broths are a wonderful and easy way to create flavor while keeping calories and fat in check.

>> watch the video and get the recipe <<

The flavor profile of this one is inspired by the Chinese hot and sour soup that I used to love to eat when I moved into NYC after college. It’s salty, sour, a bit sweet and a touch hot, and jam-packed with flavor. It’s also much lighter, brighter and healthier than my old post-college favorite (which usually arrived with a slick of oil on top).

It’s packed with ginger and garlic, an assortment of Asian mushrooms, black garlic (new to my repertoire and now I’m minorly obsessed with it), and white miso. Cockles add another layer of flavor, and lend a lovely brininess to the broth. I added a pearly piece of simply cooked cod to my finished soup to complete the dish, but you could easily substitute tofu or another protein -- or just eat it as-is!

Warm, satisfying and sophisticated, this is like a grown-up version of Chinese hot and sour soup…one that feels almost like a health elixir (and actually is!).