How to Up Your Health IQ

January 30, 2015 | Posted by Elyse Tirrell

Starting a new year with resolutions to be healthier is great -- but the resolution is the easy part. Making healthy choices that we can realistically maintain for the entire year -- and, well, forever! -- is harder. I found something that can help: a mobile app that tests your knowledge about health, fitness and all things healthy living. With it, you can learn facts about health and fitness that will help bring about long-lasting results.

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Health IQ is a fun app that presents you with quizzes designed just for you, based on your age group, gender and health goals. The quizzes can also be personalized to teach you more about specific diets and fitness styles you're curious about exploring.

There's an active Health IQ community, and you're given the opportunity to join discussions about topics that matter to you after each quiz. It's truly inspiring and beyond interesting. I've learned much more about what's best for me and for my body, and I keep these new facts (all backed up by health and fitness professionals) in the back of my mind everyday to help me make great decisions.

I'd suggest everyone give this app a try. Test your knowledge and stay motivated all year long!