It's Easy Being Green

March 17, 2015 | Posted by The B-Team

Oh March, the beginning of the long-awaited thaw (or, for those of us living on West Coast, a minor dusting off of our flip-flops will do) and the lead-up to the greening of spring. Green veggies return to the market and I am ready for smoothie season to begin. I never really make smoothies in the winter, maybe because it’s chilly out and I am not terribly inspired to make a cabbage smoothie, so I get pretty darn jazzed when spring comes around. I love making green smoothies because it’s a stealthy way to add more fiber, vegetables and just general goodness to my diet.

A good rule of thumb is to always blend your liquid with your greens first to make sure they get thoroughly pureed, especially if you are adding a more fibrous green like kale. Secondly, if your blender has speeds or functions, put them to work. Start slowly and then speed up, as it will help break up larger pieces of fruit. Lastly, I like to observe the following ratio: 1 part greens to 1½ parts liquid to 1 part fruit.

My favorite recipe is light and refreshing, and makes enough for two smoothies. Blend 1 cup of packed spinach leaves with 1½ cups coconut water, and then blend in 1 cup frozen mango, ½ cucumber (peeled and sliced) and ¼ cup fresh mint leaves.

Spinach is super tender in the spring, so don't be afraid to use the whole big leaves (stems removed of course!). The coconut water adds a great depth of flavor and a little sweetness, not to mention it’s a superb hydrator. I like mango because it’s sweet and mellow; and those cucumbers are an unsung superfood in my book (a great anti-inflammatory and chock full of antioxidants).