A Passover Dessert Different from All Others

March 30, 2015 | Posted by Stephanie Banyas

Most of us are lucky if we have one set of parents that love us unconditionally. I am fortunate to have two: my biological parents, Rose and George Banyas, and my surrogate parents, Barry and Sheryl Zukofsky. Rose and George are Christian, so with them I celebrate Christmas and Easter. Barry and Sheryl are Jewish, and with them I celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah and Passover. In other words, my year is filled with great food and very special family gatherings. I am very lucky indeed!

Each Passover, I am invited to the Zukofsky home in Marlboro, NJ (their daughter Dana is one of my closest friends, thus the connection). Each year I promise to create some fabulous Passover dessert to bring to the Seder, and each year I fail and end up buying something instead.

Passover desserts are not easy: they can’t contain dairy (especially if you are kosher) and they can’t contain flour and various other ingredients that are used to make cakes and cookies and pies taste yummy. This year, I decided to get serious about learning how to make a delicious Passover dessert. That meant I would need a pro -- someone that not only understood Jewish baking but also excelled at it -- and one name came immediately to mind: Uri Scheft.

The Breads-master and some of his gorgeous goods

Uri and his partner Gadi Peleg own Breads Bakery in NYC. In my opinion, Uri is one of the best bread bakers and pastry chefs in the world (for more on Uri, check this out). Fortunately, he was in New York this month and, even more fortunately, he had a bit of time to spare to give me a quick lesson and recipe for a fabulous Passover dessert called Krembo.

Behold: Krembo, my new favorite Passover dessert » get the recipe «

These delightful little mouthfuls of coconut, meringue and chocolate deliciousness may just be one of the best things that I have ever eaten -- and while they were created for me especially for Passover, you can also serve them for Easter…or the other 364 days of the year!

Getting my piping on at the bakery

Krembo are not available for shipping, but will be available at Breads Bakery to buy. Breads’ other Passover-friendly delights, like airy coconut cake with chocolate and fantastic flourless brownies (find the full menu here), are available to order by calling the bakery at 212-633-BAKE.

More Passover goodness from Breads