Row, Row, Row, Your Body Into Shape

January 8, 2017 | Posted by Stephanie Banyas and Elyse Tirrell

In our continued search for the hottest and best workouts in New York City, a few weeks ago we signed up for a class at CityRow in the Union Square neighborhood of Manhattan. A fifty-minute rowing class? We were intrigued and a bit scared, quite frankly.

We both knew the benefits of rowing and that it is a total body conditioner that works just about every single muscle group in your body, but we also know that rowing for five straight minutes is incredibly hard, even for the most fit person. How on earth would we be able to maintain rowing for almost an hour straight?

We strapped in our shoes tightly, checked our forms in the mirror, said a little prayer and began !

Elyse is strapped in and ready to begin.

The row part of City Row is a water-based machine aptly named The Water Rower. This sleek machine provides dynamic resistance to target your main muscle groups, increasing resistance as your speed and intensity increase. Each class alternates between rowing and mat work and combines high interval sweat with low resistance burn.

Stephanie and The Water Rower

Our instructor, Shaun Jenkins, was full of energy and very patient with beginners. He never made us feel badly when we couldn’t keep up and his words of encouragement (not to mention his incredibly fit physique) made us want to work harder and harder! We highly recommend trying his class!

Elyse getting a lesson on proper form from instructor, Shaun Jenkins.

We are happy to report that we (barely) survived the class and we are here to sing the praises of this incredibly creative and inspired workout. If you are looking to increase your upper body and core strength, and burn lots of calories (almost 600 in a 50 minute class), then this is the workout for you!

City Row
80 Fifth Avenue
Suite 1501
NYC 10011

For more information on City Row classes as well as pricing and schedule go to

A corner of CityRow's sunny studio near Union Square in NYC.