Fitwalker - Not Your Run-Of-The-Mill Workout

July 28, 2014 | Posted by Stephanie Banyas and Elyse Tirrell

Is there anything more boring than walking or running on a treadmill…or as we like to refer to it..the dreadmill! Endless hours of staring at a wall or worse..staring at yourself in a mirror while you listen to your favorite playlist for the hundredth time! We have found a new class that takes your basic gym treadmill and gives it an Extreme Makeover.. Say hello to Fitwalker!

On a lovely summer evening a few weeks ago, we arrived at Superstar Gym all the way downtown in the trendy neighborhood of Tribeca in NYC. Superstar Gym is a serious gym where athletes and celebrities come to train and it is the only place (at the moment) where you can take this AMAZING (and we do mean amazing) group class in New York City.

Our instructor, the very fit and very nice, Christian Castano, took adequate time to familiarize us with the human-powered treadmill...Since this machine is stripped of electronics, you have to use your own body power to get it moving and keep it moving at all times. There are knobs to increase the tension and the incline. We were tired already!

We started off slowly...getting a feel for the machine required focus and balance...then the music started getting a bit louder, the pace began to increase and the next thing you know we were jogging forward and running backwards and sideways. We were squating and lunging and skipping and SWEATING!. We jumped off the machine and did push-ups and planks on the floor space next to the machine..Then back on to run backwards AGAIN and to use the handles to do full body pull-ups... Did we mention that only 30 minutes had passed at this point and we had another 30 minutes to go? ... Christian said that you can burn up to 700 calories per 60 minute class.. we believed him!

The Fitwalkers provides an excellent cardio workout without harming your joints. If you are looking to switch up your usual routine on a regular treadmill or just switch up your routine all together, we can't recommend this class enough...It is unlike anything we have taken so far and we suggest that you...(yes, we are going to say it), don't walk to a Fitwalker class now.