Burn Baby Burn...Calories, That Is!

February 9, 2018 | Posted by Stephanie Banyas

Rolling Stone magazine named it the "hot" exercise of 1993 and indoor cycling has maintained its status as one of the most popular group classes at fitness clubs all around the world. I, personally, have been taking Spin classes since 1994 (ummm, I started when I was 10, I swear) when it arrived at my local Equinox in NYC. From the moment I adjusted my seat and handle bars and started pedaling, I was immediately addicted!. Fast forward 21 years, and indoor cycling continues to be more popular than ever and is still a big part of my workout routine (I take classes 3 to 4 times a week.) I am happy to say, it still challenges me and keeps me fit and I love it just as much today as I did the first time I tried it!

During the past few years, fitness clubs that specialize in only indoor cycling classes, have opened up around the country, the most famous of those clubs being Soul Cycle. But fast on its heels -- or make that wheels -- is FlyWheel. I refer to FlyWheel cycling classes as "spin on crack." If you are looking for a high-intensity, low-impact workout that can burn 800 calories an hour, build muscle tone, tighten your core, increase your cardio endurance and make you sweat more than you ever thought was possible, then FlyWheel is the workout for you.

About a month ago, my co-worker and fellow B-Teamer, Elyse and I visited FlyWheel’s newest Lincoln Center location on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The club is beautiful and clean and the staff is delightful! We slipped on cycling shoes, grabbed a few towels and a complimentary bottle of water and found our bikes.

Our instructor for our early morning class was Ruth Zukerman (below), who is also the co-founder of FlyWheel. Ruth has been a leading fitness instructor on the East Coast for the past 25 years. A certified indoor cycling instructor, she has taught indoor cycling at both full-service fitness centers and dedicated cycling studios. In 2006, Ruth co-founded the first exclusive indoor cycling studio in New York City, and is widely credited as the driving force behind the surge in indoor cycling's popularity in New York and beyond. Ruth is full of energy and her teaching style is the perfect combination of zen master and drill sergeant...The workout was brutal and both Elyse and I loved it and her!

FlyWheel classes are always a mix of fast, sprint intervals and slow, high resistance climbs and the workout is designed to build endurance and muscle and burn calories. The music playlists are created by the Flywheel instructors themselves and they choreograph their own classes, syncing their rides to the beat of their songs which means that no two classes are ever the same...which means that you will never be bored.

Since our first FlyWheel class with Ruth, both Elyse and I (above) have been back many times and have tried several different instructors (Jill Perlmutter - AMAZING music and routines) and (Kari Nicolle - crazy energy and infectious personality) and we will continue to go every chance we get. Flywheel isn't cheap; you will pay $34 per class, but you will also work out harder than you ever have before and the music, energy, atmosphere and instructors will keep you coming back again and again and again.Some addictions can be very good!

FlyWheel-Lincoln Center Location
150 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY