Infatuated with The Infatuation

November 18, 2014 | Posted by Elyse Tirrell

What happened when two food-obsessed guys working in the music industry decided to get together share their restaurant adventures with the world? The Infatuation was born! Bobby introduced me to this restaurant review website last year with only wonderful things to say. If you're looking for a perfect spot for dinner...say, with family or friends in town for'll definitely want to read on!

>> watch the video <<

The Boss Man clearly knows a thing or two about the restaurant industry, what with six restaurants of his own plus 18 outposts of BBP, so of course I followed his lead and checked out the site. It was immediately obvious that although the founders -- Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal -- swear they aren't professional food critics or industry insiders, they clearly know what a great restaurant experience should be. They like to think of themselves as the friend you turn to when you need a restaurant suggestion...a friend who knows what's up in New York, San Francisco and Chicago.

They write truly informed and informative reviews with tons of useful information to help people find the perfect place to dine, no matter what situation you may find yourself in. To top it off, they are also quite entertaining! Reading their writeups leaves me hungry and wishing I was there to experience it all with this fun, food-loving team. (Hey guys, can I go out to dinner with you?)

The B-Team recently discovered that The Infatuation has a great mobile app to help you search for your dream dinner based on your location. Watch my video to learn more about this awesome app… And next time you need a restaurant suggestion in New York, San Fran or Chicago, don’t waste any time. Visit The Infatuation website and/or app. They will not steer you wrong!