Throwback Fitness: Everything Old Is New Again!

July 18, 2014 | Posted by Stephanie Banyas

I admit it: When I was in high school, I did everything to get out of gym class. And, I mean everything, from forgetting my gym clothes at home to convincing my family doctor to write me a medical excuse to get me out of PE class (for my entire senior year). Yes, I was a shallow cranky, out of shape teenager.

But that was many years ago… and today, some of my favorite workouts include the very things that I hated about gym class all those years ago: being part of a group fitness class, getting super sweaty and doing what used to be known as calisthenics: squats, push-ups, sit-ups, jump-rope, and all of those cardio and muscle-toning exercises that the founders of Throwback Fitness, Ryan Wilke and Brian Gallagher refer to as “old-school.”

Those exercises may be old school but, as the saying goes, everything old is new again. They are still around all these years later because those exercises work! Throwback Fitness may be based on a workout philosophy from a kinder, gentler time, but this workout is anything but kind or gentle. This workout will kick your old or young butt into shape and you will enjoy every single moment of it. No doctor’s excuse needed!

The moment I heard about Throwback Fitness, I was intrigued. The photos on the website alone were enough to want to make me want run out to buy tube socks, high top Converse and sweat bands and head to class! So a few weeks ago, my coworker and fellow B-Teamer Elyse and I decided to try the class -- and we were both glad that we did. When we arrived at the studio, tucked away in an office building on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, a class was just finishing up. The participants were sweaty and red-faced; laughter and great “old school” hip-hop and pop music filled the air -- Bee Gees, Tupac, Boston, LL Cool J.

Ryan and Brian introduced themselves to the class of about 14 people and then proceeded to map out the workout for that evening. They like to keep it fun and fresh every class -- meaning that no two classes are ever the same, so you will never get bored and you will always work different muscle groups. At this particular class there would be a relay race (my team won!), 2 sets each of 4 inchworms, 8 jumping squats and 12 flutter kicks, and enough rowing to get to the Hudson River and back…twice. Sweat began to pour out of me like the water in a Brady Bunch vase that was broken by a basketball (old-school reference). After that there was a friendly game of TBF Cup (Throwback’s take on soccer/handball) before ending with several sets of pushups, lunges, a lot more ab work and a round of high fives!

Throwback Fitness will make you long for days gone by but, most of all, it will give you a really great full body workout -- and that is, like, totally awesome!

Heads-up: There are no locker rooms, so come dressed.

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