One of our responsibilities to ourselves is to take care of our bodies, inside and out. If we don't take care of ourselves then we can't take care of others. We have to take charge of our own happiness and healthfulness, and one way that I personally achieve a joyful existence is through healthy eating and exercise.

On Bobby Flay Fit, I don't offer any diet plans, or have a list of must-dos or never-eats. I believe in eating EVERYTHING in moderation. I also believe in challenging myself daily with a variety of different workouts: running, swimming, rowing, biking, yoga, even walking. My philosophy is to just keep moving and burn more calories than you consume.

In addition to sharing some of our favorite healthy recipes, The B-Team members and I offer up our suggestions for exercise regimes, apps for your smart phones, the latest in workout gear, and everything that has to do with trying to lead a fit lifestyle.

Let's get moving...

- Bobby