The Perfect Burger – AKA the Crunchburger

May 23, 2018
Burgers, Beef, Summer

The Perfect Burger – AKA the Crunchburger
Serves: 4

1 ½ pounds ground chuck 80/20
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
Canola oil
Thin slices of white American cheese
Thin slices of white cheddar cheese
Sliced beef steak tomatoes
Sliced dill pickles
Sliced red onion
Romaine lettuce
Martins seeded soft burger buns (please get these buns)
Lay’s potato chips
6-inch wooden skewers
Dijon mustard
Horseradish Mustard
Heinz ketchup

1. Form the meat into 4 equal sized patties (6-ounces each) no more than ¾-inch thick. TIP 1 – 80/20 ground chuck is Bobby’s preferred choice for burgers because of the relatively high fat content, guaranteeing a juicy burger.
2. Using your thumb (TIP #2) make a deep depression in the center of each burger to keep the burger from puffing up and bulging in the center.
3. (TIP #3) season the outside of the burger liberally with salt and pepper. Do not season the meat mixture itself or add herbs or onions or garlic to it. That is meatloaf. We are making burgers.
4. Heat a cast iron pan or griddle over high heat (TIP#4) until it begins to slightly smoke. Add a few teaspoons of canola oil and put the burgers in the pan or on griddle and do not touch (TIP #5) until a crust has formed on the bottom, this will take at least 3 minutes. Once a crust has formed, use a metal spatula and flip over and continue cooking until a crust has formed on the bottom and cooked to desired doneness (MEDIUM) another 4 minutes. Do NOT PRESS ON THE BURGER.
5. Place 2 slices of cheese on each burger add a few splashes of water and immediately cover the pan tightly. (TIP#6) and cook until cheese is completely melted, about 30 seconds.
6. A soft bun with sesame seeds is the way to go (Tip 7)Lightly toast the bun (if desired) place the burger on the bottom of the bun, add desired toppings and a few potato chips (TIP #8). Place top of bun on top and place a skewer through the burger.

1 – 80/20 Chuck is my choice for meat. It is the perfect ratio of fat to beef flavor. Produces a juicy burger
2 – Make a depression in the center of the burger. This stops it from puffing up and stops you from pressing it down and pressing all the juice from the burger.
3 – You have to season everything you make. Only season the outside. Do not add other flavorings to the meat such as grated onion, garlic, herbs. That is meat loaf.
4. Cast iron is my favorite surface to cook steaks or burgers on indoors. Cast iron has excellent heat diffusion and retention and produces evenly cooked burgers with a really great crust.
5 – DON’T PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD – only flip twice, 3 times at the most and do not even start flipping the burger until a crust has formed or the meat will fall apart and you will lose that perfect round shape.
6 – In my BBP’s there is a sign in each kitchen that says: Bobby Says Melt the Cheese Completely. It has to be melted to have the perfect cheese burger. The key is water…adding a bit of water to the hot pan and covering it immediately builds up steam and that steam melts the cheese perfectly and evenly every time.
7. I prefer a soft bun that is seeded. A burger is a sandwich and is meant to be eaten as such. Hard rolls tend to break up the burger and the next thing you know; you need a knife and fork. Burgers should never have to be eaten with a knife and fork. A SOFT bun molds itself around the contents.
8. One must always CRUNCHIFY a burger. When eating a burger, there is nothing better than getting a mouthful of juicy burger and salty, crispy potato chips in one bite.