Grocery Shop Like a Pro

August 20, 2014 | Posted by Elyse Tirrell
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I discovered a very helpful app that has made me the speediest grocery shopper in Manhattan...

With AnyList, I can create grocery lists and share them with Bobby and the rest of The B-Team. As items are added, they're instantly organized by the section of the grocery store where I'll find them. I'd recommend it to anyone - especially those shopping with their family or roommates. Split up and take on the store (or multiple stores) as a team! Last minute changes or additions to the list show up instantly for everyone who you share it with and items can be crossed off easily as they're found.

Watch this video and read my blog post to learn more about this awesome app and how it's not just helpful as the assistant to a chef... but for all grocery shopping ventures! Then download for free in the App Store!